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1 month down y’all.

Thought this would be a good time to touch bases and take a look at what improvement (if any) I’ve actually made. You know, to see if this blog is actually doing what it’s supposed to or if I’m just doing a really good job of wasting time.

So far, I’d say there’s been some definite improvement. Now, whether that improvement stems from this blog or from other changes I’ve made in my life (such as the people I surround myself with) I couldn’t say. I believe the blog is playing at least a small part, but at the very least I can say that this blog helped me make a dramatic lane shift on the highway of life and get me started down the good path and that it is now serving as a way to document progress and remind myself what my goal is.


A) It’s gotten way easier to motivate myself to exercise and be healthy. In fact I just finished doing a work out by Zevala ( check it out. She will kick your ass). Or I guess I should say “attempted a work out by Zevala” since there’s no way I could do the full amount of reps she prescribes. Someday, perhaps, but not today. Regardless, I’m moving my jiggly butt rather than sitting around watching cartoons about it

although once again that’s probably more due to the kick-ass hard-core awesome new friends I’ve been hanging out with lately.

I mean, sitting around all day listening to a group of guys who’s (secondary) job is to help out of shape people get in shape in time for their fitness test talking about all things fitness and nutrition all day can’t help but have an effect. Every day I listen to them talk about that 5 mile run they plan to go on when they get home and I get home and go to sit on the couch immediately just like usual and then suddenly feel so pathetic and guilty and I have to do SOMETHING active. And every day I listen to them tear apart whatever I bring to eat and lecture me on how bad all that coffee is for me and I can’t help but start wanting to eat fruit for breakfast instead of cereal and homemade meals with less fat and all natural ingredients for dinner instead of running down to the hamburger joint.

B) I am gaining better companions. After what ended up being a total fiasco of a night out, I have lost all interest in hanging around the people who I’ve been spending all my time with lately simply because we went through training at the same time. I’ve come to the realization that I was only considering them friends because it was an easy choice (we were together ALL the time) and I’m a lazy bitch. I also came to the realization that there is actually very little that I like about them and that spending time with them fills me with negative energies. I always end up judging them for their behavior and then judging myself for being judgmental. Not a good way to be. So, I’ve started making a conscious effort to break out of my safety bubble and reach out towards new companions. I’m also making a conscious effort to make sure those new companions are upbeat motivated individuals that will help create a positive motivated environment around me.  So far it seems to be working ^.^

C) Overall I think I’m a much more positive person. Certainly not perfect by a long shot. I still snap at Matt on occasion. I still overreact over little shit once in a while. I’m still stressed out and I still bitch about work. But I haven’t had any more “walking zombie” days.  I’m not scared to drive around by myself anymore. I feel motivated to do extra things like working out instead of just flopping on the couch in a lifeless blog without the energy necessary even to get up and get a glass of water. Even though I snap at Matt I’ve gotten way better about apolagizing afterwards and admitting I was wrong (the rare times I AM wrong). I look forward to coming home instead of just coming home cause there’s nothing else I feel motivated to do. I feel motivated to get things done at work and even take on extra duties. And I’m just overall a much nicer person who doesn’t let things get to her as much.

LittleSpastic Out.