Journey to the Good Place.

Know yourself. Love yourself.

Back to Basics: First Step

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To recap: In my quest to get back to my core self and rediscover who I am, I will be rediscovering all my old habits, old hobbies, and old guilty pleasures.

I’ll be starting with Yaoi.  Dreadful I know, but as shameful of a hobby as it may be, it has been a constant throughout my life: gay boys have the best love stories and they are most beautifully and poetically presented in manga form. Throughout my whole life whenever I was down yaoi always made me feel better and when I was average yaoi inspired me and made me dream.

It is one thing I know is 100% true about myself: I am a yaoi fan girl. God help me.

So for the next week or so…actually just until I get worn out and manage to tear my eyes away from the computer screen and find the next thing…my apartment will be home of a yaoi fan-fest.

Let the nose-bleeds and tears begin.

LittleSpastic Out.


Author: Meggo The Flying Eggo

Once upon a time I knew exactly who I was. Once upon a time I knew what I was doing and where I was going. Once upon a time I knew what I wanted and what I didn't like. Once upon a time I had it all figured out... Then I was born.

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