Journey to the Good Place.

Know yourself. Love yourself.

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Matching Styles

As much as I love modern and Asian style furniture, I’ll probably end up with a house full of English style antiques. Mike supports this plan; no surprise after seeing the way he rifled through the old furniture in his Grandma’s storage facility. We both got all swoony over a rolltop desk that his mom ended up taking home with her.


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Meeting The Rents

New tattoo idea:

“You bear God within you, poor wretch, and know it not.”

Thinking of getting it as a reverse tramp stamp (on the front, just above the pubic area).

In other news, I had dinner with Mike and his parents and his brother and sister-in-law last night at a Mexican food restaurant. I paid and at one point Mike’s mother and sister-in-law decided that I was a member of the family whether Mike and I work out of not. I was very touched, especially because I know they mean it. Mike’s older brother had a girlfriend before he met his wife who he was very close to. She became a member of the family and even after they broke up and he moved on and met another woman and married her, this ex of his is still considered a beloved family member. Very cool. All families should be so caring and giving.

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Back In The States

Having trouble deciding whether or not I’m happy to be back in America. I’m happy for things like access to sushi restaurants (although I haven’t had time to go to one yet…) and farmer’s markets, but not so happy for things like consumerism and fat people. I’m not happy at returning to the world of technology. I miss being impossible to contact for people like debt-collectors and ex-husbands. One ray of sunshine, however, would be the fact that I have now proven that moving from the deployment world to the civilian world has had no effect on Mike and I’s relationship although my father thought that it would. So, at least that’s one thing I can check off on the very long list of obstacles standing in the way of our relationship.