Journey to the Good Place.

Know yourself. Love yourself.

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Tiny Dreams

I dream of a tiny life growing inside of me.

As I dream of bones growing and blue eyes forming and little red hairs sprouting and little fingers stretching and reaching, I wonder:

Will she be dreaming also?

What will her dreams be?

Will she dream of a big house?

Will she dream of a flower filled garden?

Will she dream of traveling the world?

Will she dream of being a big shot company boss?

Will she dream of being an actress?

Will she dream of a big strong man to hold her?

Or will she dream of a kiss from a black haired femme fatale?

Will she dream of escaping her home?

Or will she dream of the day she can call her Mom and say “You’re gonna be a Grandma?”

And whatever she dreams, will I have the courage and strength to love her and support her no matter what?

I hope so.


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Love Abuse

Call me names.

Yell at me.

Ignore me.

Hit me.

Cut me.

Push me away.

As long as it is YOU who is doing it, such things are even sweeter to me than candies and flowers.

I would rather be gagged, and tied to your bed, then lounging on a tropical beach with anyone else.

Your abuse… is the sweetest love.