Journey to the Good Place.

Know yourself. Love yourself.

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High School Poem #4

I had a halfway day today

The world was only halfway there

I had a halfway conversation

I took a breath of halfway air


I kept getting into halfway trouble

I kept losing track of halfway time

And my halfway friends were halfway worried

And I was short for lunch half of a dime


I started getting halfway angry

But I could only seem to halfway care

And my brain was only halfway working

And I had problems with my halfway hair


I was feeling halfway gloomy

Though the sun did halfway shine

As I was halfway walking homeward

Past a halfway lonely sign


There was absolutely nothing

I could halfway make my mind on

And I felt something important

Had up and halfway gone


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High School Song #2

I see the people walking by

enjoying the beautiful bright sunny day

but for me there’s no sunshine

no, I’m not just fine.


I’m stuck here watching the world go by

I’m stuck here wishing that I could fly


from here

I’m stuck here longing for the time…


When you came along

and taught me to fly

to soar, not cry

right up off the ground

up over a cloud


But now you’re gone

you’ve gone and left me here

you’ve left me here

chained by my fear.


You’ve left me here alone

end of story.

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High School Poem #3

The Light & The Dark


The Light – The world spread out so wide and vast, makes you feel so small.

The Dark – No world at all, just darkness, so close, makes me feel safe.

The Light – Full of pain, harsh brightness.

The Dark – Just your own world, the world in your head, smooth & sweet as you like.

The Light – The people, so mean, wanting to hurt you.

The Dark – The home of the best friend you could ever hope for…yourself.

The Light – Revealing all that you don’t wish to see, a world of rules and pain and expectations.

The Dark – A world in which to be yourself, a world made for you alone.

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High School Song #1

There’s a little blonde chickadee

singing in a swinging tree

she don’t care if she gets any applause


No she…don’t care

ain’t got nothing to do with her…blonde hair

she’s just singing to quiet her…own fears

she’s just singing for the sake of singing those hip-hop, jing-a-ling tunes



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High School Poem #2

Oh Romeo, oh romeo, wherefore art thou romeo?

If only you were somebody else, then we could be together. Oh,

why must it be this way?

Why must we be so far away?

I’ve missed you, how I’ve missed you.

My Romeo, oh romeo…

Wherefore art thou Romeo?


Juliet, Juliet, my dear, my dearest Juliet,

I thought you were gone,

yet here now you stand.

Oh, how I’ve longed for you

longed to just hold your hand.

Please stay here, please do not go.

At least not yet,

my dear, my dearest Juliet.


My son, my son, dear Romeo,

to whom do you think you speak?

Your Juliet, dear Juliet, is dead,

and she lies at your feet.

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High School Poem #1

If you sit in prison long enough

the foul air doesn’t stink


you come to think

“all life must be this way”


If dark damp stone

is all you know

and the chill is all you feel

sunshine seems like a fairy tail

and happiness a dream


But should you spend a week outside

in warm shunshine filled air

then you would see

what it means to be