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New Moon

And no I’m not talking about the book. And I’m DEFINATELY not talking about the movie.

I’m talking about the literal moon and the beginning of a new year. This evening while putzing around in the kitchen I received a summoning from my roommate and friend who were huddling around the firepit in the backyard smoking their cigarettes. The cry came “Megan! You have GOT to come look at this!” So of course I rushed as fast as my pt-weakened legs would carry me and burst out the back door like a….very slow thing in a hurry. I was greeted with the rather disturbing sight of my two friends standing still and silent and staring straight upward into the sky…very like the scene at the beginning of any gratuitous alien invasion movie.

So what do I do I fulfill my role in script. I look up. The sight that awaited me… it is:



Just to clarify, that big ass ring you see around the moon doesn’t come from the camera. Thats exactly what we saw in the sky. A big ass white ring in the sky nearly big enough to reach the horizons and almost too big to catch with a camera. I have now been informed that this is a totally normal scientific occurrence having to do with thin high atmosphere clouds and ice crystals…and that it apparently means rain tomorrow. But when I spotted it for the first time I was pretty sure it was an invading alien spaceship attempting to camouflage itself and failing.

However, I also received an alternative explanation from my friend Edith. She said “The first moon of the year is sure to be a special one. I find this one to be beautiful and soothing. I take it to be a good sign for the year to come. Beautiful and majestic things will happen.”

Based on my own feelings when standing below that awe-inspiring vision, and based on what has happened to me so far since this year has started, I don’t think she’s too far off.

A new year. A new start. Don’t waste it.


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New Years Memories

It’s the little things that make a moment memorable. The great memories are made out of snapshot images burned into our minds.

A red kerchief.

A purple cork.

A ladder.

Folding chairs around a fire.

Leather jacket.

Camel Blue cigarette pack.

These are the things that make up my New Years memories.