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Shedding the Past

Finally lost all the breakup weight! Woot woot! Took a little longer this time because it was joined by “Return to family cooking” weight, but I got it done anyway. So nice to have loose pants again.

P.S. I am properly ashamed of myself that “breakup weight” is a thing I have allowed to exist in my life.

Other small bits of progress in my life include no longer caring what happens in the lives of my exes no matter how drunk I am, getting my room unpacked and decorated JUST RIGHT with all the proper feng shui in place, and while I still haven’t gotten to a point where I can make new friends, I have been reconnecting with old ones.

The healing process is well underway, I expect it to be completely finished by the time school starts, and having a degree and career to focus on will be a nice little cap to seal away all my scars.


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Love Foundation

Just found an old diary entry by an 11 year old me:

“Love is a force of nature, like the wind. It is not something that can be controlled or relied on. No one should build their life on such an unreliable foundation. Eventually love will blow away like the wind, or at the very least it will shift to a new location or change its shape. It doesn’t really matter which because it only takes the slightest movement or vibration in your foundation and all the things you have built on top of it: your life, your home, your family, your sense of self and well-being; just a tiny movement and all those things will lose their balance and come crashing down. And when they hit the ground and shatter, that is sure to be very painful. No one should ever rely on love. It is better to build the house of your life out of more solid materials, and leave a guest room open for the stray cat that is love to wander in and out as it pleases.”

What a clever bitch. Wish I was that smart…